Aaron Feaver

i love it to spend my time rummaging around lots of portfolio's of marvellous photographers because it's just so inspiring. Aaron Feaver from Los Angeles is one of my favourite photographers. As you can see on his website his favourite thing to photograph are people in remarkable clothes and settings and those photographs also are taking my fancy the most. all his photographs are so individual, kind of magic, aren't they?



"lasst uns mit wölfen spielen, plejaden halbtransparent über unsere bilder setzen, am besten gleich über das eigene gesicht, krasse blogs haben, uns selbst zerstören, drogen nehmen, richtig wasted sein, die nächte durchfeiern, rauchen; vorzüglich dreht man kippen selbst, zum frühstück whisky trinken, skins schauen, unglaublich kreativ sein, fotografieren muss ein hobby sein; aber nur mit alten polaroids, analogen- oder spiegelreflexkameras, kunst ist das leben eines jeden, alles ist retro, die schuhe möglichst vintage, hoffnungslos ist das leben und frei sein will man.

und los, lassen wir uns dreiecke tättoowieren.
das ist ▲ "

a quotation of a quite wise girl. unfortunately, the source is unknown.. once i discoverd this quote on the www and filed it because i'm really fond of this text! in my opinion it's the perfect description for the "new trend" and i also love the style of writing. i realized that meanwhile many people probably mark it down as a mainstream wave but i'm bound to say i LOVE this "trend" anyway ;D moreover i also can't agree on the "mainstream wave - opinion" yet .. of course there are more and more blogs on which one comes upon triangels, wolfs, plejade-pics and so.. but as said, to me these things only came across on the www via unknown people.. in my everyday life i rather don't know anybody who's following this style or even knows about it. probably, they even don't know what i'm talking about or not to mention even never heard about a "hipster" or a "triangle". the only stuff that i see in my everday life are people wearing sweatpants, D&G and ugg-boots instead of vintage shoes, watching "two and a half man" or hartz4 - tv instead of skins, taking pics with a mobile phone cam instead of a polaroidcam, buying "georg gina & lucy" - bags instead of creating jutebags, "HOLLISTER" in bold types written on each tshirt instead of a triangle and i think it can also be said that most are interested in iphone 4,5,6,7,..or in who's the GOSSIP GIRL than in photography. and i'm not saying that these things are wrong, i'm only wondering whether we can indeed call this ▲-thing a "mainstream trend wave" ?
either way.. the whole world could become a triangle covered with an individual plejade.. i would further on go for it!



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finally bought my RAR-TICKET and i could jump for joy, i am so so so so soooo thrilled :D by now the artist i'm looking foward the most is Interpol :) of course also kings of leon, madsen, simple plan, system of a down AND not forgetting hollywood undead! but i have to say there isn't any artist which blows my mind or so (excepting interpol) and the headliners of the HURRICANE Festival are every bit as good as the RAR-headliners BUT until now there only confirmed ca. 15 bands of 80 or so. as such, i'm curious! :)


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if only. those must be the two saddest words in the world




this night i indulged myself watching CONTROL once again! Control is a black-and-white biographical film about the popular english rock band from the 70's Joy Division, especially about the singer Ian Curtis and according to my opinion every music supporter should have seen this movie at least once in a lifetime! and now i should really get between the blankets!


another year, lots of new dreams

so, another year passed by.. kind of unbelievable, isn't it? because i'm wondering where did 2010 go ? oO this year was underwhelm for me and surely nothing to make a song and dance about.. therefor 2011 can only get better! i don't have any special resolutions, i always break them anyway.. and most of our wants and wishes we just can't affect..regretfully.