we all break away don't we...

...we break away from people who were once our friends. Someone we trust in, shared secrets with, one that we had great company with or someone we just loved without knowing exactly why. But sometimes, even if we make the effort, some things just happen the way they were meant to be. It is such a sad truth. We might want them back but we know they will never come back. They will just stay in memories.



Have to show you one of my favourite bands!
CRYSTAL CASTLES is an experimental electro-trash-duo from Toronto, consisting of the beats-making half Ethan Kath and (wasted) vocalist Alice Glass. They have been described as the kind of music that "you just want to follow like a cult, or hate with every fibre of your being" and i rather love and follow them like a cult ;D In my opinion, they are one of a kind; Ethan's beats are just perfect and even if Alice all the time drives under the influence of drugs and alcohol, she is kind of my role model because she really doesn't give a shit what others are thinking and in addition, i LOVE her style! She is so unique!

"we are crystal castles
we are 1 boy and 1 girl
we are named after She-Ra's home
we play rough"

there is always that one person.. no matter how long it's been or how badly he has treated you, if he say i love you, you will say it back.


time moves on and those moments that i held in my heart each day, are slowly disappearing

it's future rust and it's future dust

Let’s face it, we’ve changed. We always change, but this time i think there was a big change. Somewhere between school ending last school year and today. We’ve all gone in our own directions.
It's all so different now, haven't see some of my people for weeks, we no longer only hang-out with our circle of friends talking for hours about nothing at all.. there isn't any time for it. Some people stayed, some don't mind.. now we are going to see which friendship is strong enough to get trough this. Maybe that's what i was scared of. We’ve all changed. Some for the better and some for the worse.



This school life is getting me down (again). After this week, i'm a bit knackered.
But it was worthwhile! On my presentation about "Socialisation" i got 14 points, French 14,5 , Sports (arranging a warm-up) 15 points - yeayy!
First of all, i took a long sleep (about 4 hours) this afternoon. Love it!
But accordingly, i'm ALWAYS feeling, like i've wasted my time ?!
In a moment i'll clean up a bit and then i'll go to annina's birthday party :-) I'm glad to see some friends again, i didn't see them for weeks! As a gift, i'll design a jutebag with a fat WTF ? written on it, but it's not finished yet. :p
Tomorrow i'll go to frankfurt to my aunt because after 3 months it's one of grandmas <3 (she's 88) last weekends here in germany before we bring her back to poland. I'll also go shopping; primark and so :-) Have a nice weekend everyone!


another useless indieblog

Lasting for months i mulled over creating my own blog.
It really gives me great pleasure reading all these creative blogs but certainly it takes so much time, so i thought it's useless to create an own.
Finally i decided to create one BUT in english (even if my english really isn't good ;D).
Maybe it will improve my english - so i hope this (a little mainstream but funny?) posting becomes useful! :-)