i was just rummaging around the urban outfitters shop when there suddenly appeared a VINYL of WASHED OUT :o i love vinyls and i love washed out! and i also love urban outfitters xD temporary, i was kind of delighted because it seemed to be a bargain sale (only 14 euro and we all know how expensive modern vinyls are -.-) but then i discovered the delivery charges :D .. 13 euro, yeeay.. not a bit overdone or so! ;D ..(essentially, i always liked urban outfitters but the online shop isn't comparable with the store in hamburg! i was there in summer and i have to say, i never visited a lovelier store, HOLY) .. well, looks like i have to wait for some "vinyl-bargains" in ebay.. and now i'll show you a song of washed out (new theory). washed out is an one-man band consisting of Ernest Greene whose music can be described as chillwave and lo-fi blabla and in my opinion it's that kind of music which casts a spell over you, doesn't it?

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