This school life is getting me down (again). After this week, i'm a bit knackered.
But it was worthwhile! On my presentation about "Socialisation" i got 14 points, French 14,5 , Sports (arranging a warm-up) 15 points - yeayy!
First of all, i took a long sleep (about 4 hours) this afternoon. Love it!
But accordingly, i'm ALWAYS feeling, like i've wasted my time ?!
In a moment i'll clean up a bit and then i'll go to annina's birthday party :-) I'm glad to see some friends again, i didn't see them for weeks! As a gift, i'll design a jutebag with a fat WTF ? written on it, but it's not finished yet. :p
Tomorrow i'll go to frankfurt to my aunt because after 3 months it's one of grandmas <3 (she's 88) last weekends here in germany before we bring her back to poland. I'll also go shopping; primark and so :-) Have a nice weekend everyone!

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